domingo, 3 de julio de 2011

this cunted circus never ends
i won't remember anything you say

i lost my social skills a while ago but now i feel them coming back
my eyes were rolling when we met and now they are preparing for attack
i want to fall in love tonight and form the perfect unbreakable bond

you know i'm always moanin'
but you jumpstart my seratonin
but how d'you know you've ever really loved?

but when i feel like this, i know it doesn't matter
when i eat when i'm not hungy i'm sure i feel my face get fatter
then i thin out every weekend and i think that she might want me

i let those feelings haunt me, they control me, but tonight i'm letting go
you're more then just a photo album, you're more than what some people let you know
and if we ever make it home, i'll tell you all the things that shaped me thus;

here, have you tried the blue ones?
i hear he's got some new ones
sleep is not an option tonight

1 comentario:


    Y algo tengo que hacer con tanto amor y sordidez.

    Me encantó eso :D